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The World-view of an INFJ

The INFJ personality is one of the rarest of the 16 Personality Types according to Myers-Briggs. At The Worldview of an INFJ you can read My Personal Vision of the World.

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I have written information about living in Europe as an Expat & Africa. Which I am for 10+ years.
Information about Aura & Chakra, Crystals, Fitness, Health, Herbs, Jewelry I make, Myers-Briggs, Travel, Food/Recipes, My Writings and Much More will follow.

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Happiness is a State of Mind

And I am in the process of learning this State of Mind. I have had enough Deep Dark Holes. Now it is time for Brightness, Happiness & Joy.

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Spotting issues first is not “Creating Problems“.

INFJs are usually the first ones to spot an issue. They notice even the slightest change in someone’s behaviour.

When they point it out, other people tend to look over it, to say “you’re just creating problems on your own and dismiss the insights of the INFJ, who ends up feeling misunderstood.

Above text from @introvertnaut

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